Brad's Resume

Bradford L. Sipperley II

1010 W Malibu Dr, Tempe, AZ 85281  480-389-6448  BSipperley@Gmail.com

Self Motivated Individual

Dedicated and technically skilled business professional with a versatile administrative support skill set developed through experience as an office manager, director, executive assistant and office help desk technician.

Excel in resolving employer challenges with innovative solutions, systems and process improvements proven to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and the bottom line.

Offer advanced networking and computer skills in MS Office Suite and other applications/systems.

Key Skills

Office Management

PBX Configuration and Support

Staff Development & Training

Policies & Procedures Manuals

Report & Document Preparation

Spreadsheet & Database Creation

Affiliate Fulfillments

Hiring Director

Records Management

Local PC and IT support

Leads Management

Expense Reduction


D.W. Scott Financial, Phoenix, AZ

06/2009  to 01/2010

Hiring Director and Internet Marketing Manager

Recruited and retained employees for call center, providing leads and Do Not Call list follow ups, handled and maintained PBX system for all phone and computer extensions. Managed 65+ social networking sites to promote business and increase affiliate relations as well as SEO ranking for company website. Results:

Developed efficiency-enhancing workflow/process improvements that made it possible to accommodate increasing responsibilities necessitated by staff reductions.

Introduced ideas that became fundamental to decrease the over-all total cost of ownership by reducing overhead processes and expenditures.

Used past experiences and positions to streamline the recruitment, staffing, training and rotation of leads to maximize total exposure for each.

Saved thousands of dollars and improved the response-rates of direct marketing campaigns by utilizing social networking sites to broaden our demographic to people seriously seeking help with services we provide in a friendly and non-aggressive approach.

Pacific Sunwear of California

04/2009 to 11/2009

Brand Representative

Worked part time and on call as needed to ensure shifts were covered. Maintained “look” of store, offered suggestive sales and up sales at the register.   Results:

Made Brand Rep of the Month within first 3 months of hire.

Helped with organization of store meetings, modeling clothes and promotions for in house specials.

Optima Financial Associates, Phoenix, AZ

01/2009 to 06/2009

Marketing and Financial Consultant

Served as executive assistant to the management team, handled a busy phone system, functioned as primary liaison to customers and ensured a consistently positive customer experience while processing and dealing with lender negotiators.  Results:

Managed back-end processing for loan modifications and debt negotiations gathering correct lender contact information and making persistent, on time follow ups.

Created and networked electronic copies of all client logs to be synced, managed and maintained within the cloud.

Edited and updated company website as needed with new and relevant information necessary for improved client relations and follow up.

Followed up on all unpaid accounts as a collector to ensure projected income streams were met.

Progressive Financial Services, Tempe, AZ

01/2009 to 04/2009


Commissioned with City of Phoenix Municipal Courts to collect on past due court fees.  Results:

Performed essential collections practices for court specific clients.

Successfully wrote and configured specific systems macros to automate collections practice and drive productivity.

Maintained high professional yield for tenacious follow up to make sure set performance objectives were met

Collectcorp, Phoenix, AZ

10/2008 to 12/2008


Commissioned to collect on past due, federally secured student loan.  Results:

Discovered more effective methods of skip tracing that were later implemented in standard company practice.

Learned and followed FDCPA policy written by the FTC specifically designed for collections.

Maintained daily quota based goals for Fee, Principal and Interest collected.

Finished training early based on high test scores and early understanding of set requirements

Direct Alliance Corporation, Tempe, AZ

01/2008 to 09/2008

Account Executive

Represented different Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies maintained within different programs at Direct Alliance including Best Buy for Business, Cisco and AT&T. Results:

Effectively executed internal sales methodology.

Maintained strong knowledge of products and brand names.

Achieved revenue quotas through high close rate and add-on sales.

Maintained profile and contact records in DCRM system.

Recommended, negotiated, quoted and closed sales.

Recognized and included with the top 8 Sales Account Executives used for experimental sales operation.




University of Alaska, Fairbanks


Computer and Information Sciences


References available upon request.

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